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HANA is a coalition of neighborhoods located immediately south of downtown Arlington and extending south to Pioneer Parkway. HANA’s area of interest is bounded on the east by Collins Street, on the west by Cooper Street, and on the north by Border Street. It is a large, diverse community that includes some of Arlington’s oldest residential areas and buildings, especially on Center Street and First Street, as well as a substantial number of houses built in the middle of the twentieth century. Much, but not all, of the area, is marked by “sign toppers” on the street signs that display both the name “Heart of Arlington Neighborhood Association” and the name of the original addition or subdivision in which the street is located.


Center Street and Mesquite Street are the major north-south streets through the area, and Park Row Drive is the major east-west street.  Johnson Creek flows through the HANA neighborhoods from near the southwest corner to near the northeast corner.  The creek and the adjoining land, much of which is owned by the city and designated as a linear park, are major geographic features of the area.

All HANA neighborhoods are affected by our proximity both to downtown Arlington and to the University of Texas at Arlington and the development of both.  The city has a goal of maintaining strong, viable neighborhoods, and the university has an interest in the well-being of its neighbors.  An important role of HANA is to facilitate communication and provide a point of contact for discussing and evaluating developments that affect us all.

Who are HANA members?

HANA's members are neighbors who have voluntarily come together to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Our purpose is to inform residents about activities and developments that have a direct impact on our lives and our neighborhoods, and to help make them a safe, enjoyable place to live, work, and play. Membership dues of $10 per year, besides helping to pay operating expenses, entitle a member to vote and to serve on the board. Since one of our goals is to communicate with residents on matters of mutual interest, membership is not required to attend our meetings. All residents are welcome.


  • HANA is NOT a Homeowners Association (HOA). We do NOT create or enforce any restrictions or regulations concerning anyone's private property rights.  Members of homeowners associations or other more local neighborhood organizations located in the HANA area are invited to join HANA, but HANA itself does not play such a role.
  • HANA does NOT endorse candidates for any public office. We work with city staff and elected officials to preserve and improve our neighborhoods, but at election time, members must decide for themselves which candidate will best serve the interests of the neighborhood, city, county, state, or country.