How to Create a Post

Instructions for Users

Once you log on to, you will be taken to the Dashboard screen. In a sidebar on the left side of the window you should see the label “Dashboard” and below it a menu.

Click the menu item “Posts” and then the submenu item “Add New”.

You will then be taken to the edit page, where you can enter a title for your post and type in the text of the post. The process works more or less like a word processor program. In a sidebar on the right you may see a panel that contains settings and options that pertain to the type of entry you are creating. If they are not visible, click the gear wheel in the upper right corner of the window. To get rid of them click the “x” in that same area.

From time to time you may wish to click “Save Draft” at the top of the page.  After you save your draft, you can safely log out and then return later, search for your draft post, and add to it or change it.

In order for your post to become accessible to visitors to the web site, you must assign it to one of three categories: News, Info, or Forum.  Opinion posts should be assigned the Forum category, news items to news, and posts that have lasting value as information to users of our web site to Info.  To assign your post to one or more categories, look at the right sidebar on the edit window and select “Categories”.  You should see a list of available categories, and you may select one or all.  Your post, when it is approved, and if the reviewers agree with your selection, will appear under the correstponding menu items in the heading area of website pages.

When you are finished, you can click the publish button at the top of the window.  The post will then be scheduled for review, and if there are no problems detected, it will be published and will be viewable by all visitors to

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