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HANA Board

HANA leadership consists of a board of directors comprising eleven elected members who serve staggered two-year terms. Six board members are elected in odd years and five in even years.

Four of the board members are officers of the organization with specific duties prescribed by the bylaws: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The remaining members are intended to provide geographic diversity and to represent significant groups with a stake in the well-being of the neighborhoods.

The 2020 HANA Executive Board includes:

  • Alicia Grey, President
  • Derek Carter, Vice President
  • Don Boxall, Treasurer
  • Deborah Ray, Secretary

HANA's 2020 Board Members At Large include:

  • Dale Bergeron
  • Rebecca Boxall
  • Grace Darling
  • Jim Gayda
  • John Hyde
  • Barbara Salser
  • Richard Thomas
  • Barbara Tucker