COVID-19 Testing

East Arlington and HANA have a large population of residents with greater risk of severity of COVID-19.

Fire Chief Don Crowson has announced that COVID-19 testing is now at Dan Dipert Career & Tech Center, New York Ave and Pioneer Parkway (Hwy 303).

The City of Arlington testing will be at this location through Wednesday (5/13) of this week for sure and possibly through Friday (5/15).

Consider getting tested if you meet the testing eligibility criteria:

• Have a fever over 99.6, cough or shortness of breath

and one of these conditions below:

• Employed as a healthcare or essential worker
• Are over 65
• Have chronic health conditions

To schedule an appointment online, visit

To schedule an appointment via phone, call 817-248-6299.

If you need a ride to the Arlington testing facility, please call 817-459-5390 prior to scheduling your appointment. Transportation to and from the testing site will be free for Arlington residents.

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