Irrigation Meters

At the August 20, 2012, general meeting, a question was raised about irrigation meters (separate water meters for irrigation). We have received the following information from the City on this subject.

Irrigation meters are required for commercial properties but not necessary for residential properties. Of course, a resident could have one installed and it would include impact/installation costs that are easily in the $1,500 range. There would also be a fixed monthly fee of $15 but I think it can be “inactive” during the winter months and avoid the monthly fee. The price for water is at the irrigation block rate and that is the 2 highest tiers of our residential rate structure, $3.41/1,000 gal up to 29,000 gallons and $4.08 after 30,000 gallons.

There really is not a payback for a typical residential property unless a significant amount of watering is occurring during the winter months. From Dec-March we calculate “average winter consumption” and this defines the monthly maximum sewer charges for the year. This might make it beneficial but unlikely.

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