Park Row Missing Sidewalk

As many of you know, HANA has been working for over twelve years to get a sidewalk on Park Row between 116 Park Row (just to the east of Calvary Chapel Church) and 102 Park Row (at Center and Park Row). This stretch along seven houses has a well worn footpath in the grass, testament to the high pedestrian traffic along Park Row.

Over the years we have seen people in wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and walkers leave the sidewalk where it ends near 116 Center and enter the roadway to get to the intersection with Center St. This behavior is very dangerous, as Park Row also narrows at this point.

We are asking anyone who has traversed this section without sidewalks and had to travel in the roadway to fill out the City’s ADA Curb Ramps and Sidewalks Request Form (click to view and download) and mail it to the city at the address below.

ADA Coordinator
Dept of Public Works and Transportation
101 W Abram St
Arlington TX 76010

You do not necessarily have to be in a wheelchair to fill out this form. Anyone with mobility issues, such as people who walk but have trouble walking on uneven surfaces, visually impaired persons, people using child strollers, or anyone who simply cannot navigate the footpath and instead has to resort to going in the street to get past this section without sidewalks. The ADA addresses a wide assortment of mobility – sight – cognitive issues.

Below are photos of an unidentified person seen in the roadway in a wheelchair, a person pushing a stroller in the street, and someone crossing the street in a wheelchair. People who live along this area have reported events such as these happening on a regular basis.

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