Republic Services Resumes Weekly Curbside Bulk Trash Collection in Arlington

Republic Services announced on April 6th that they’ll resume “weekly collection of curbside bulk, brush, leaves and yard debris. Starting this Wednesday, April 8, 2020, Republic Services will begin deploying additional trucks to collect these items on your recycle day. For example, if your recycle day falls on Thursday, you will notice a separate collection truck coming to collect your curbside bulk, brush, leaf and yard waste.”

They ask: “To aide our collection crews please make sure to limit bulk, brush, leaf and yard waste set-out to one cubic yard (about the size of an office desk) per recycling day. Unsure of what day your recycling falls on? You can check your service days here. This will ensure that all homes receive servicing of these items as crews continue to focus on the 40% increase of volumes of regular household trash.”

They also ask residents to follow these guidelines:

  • Place all loose trash (including boxes) into trash bags to limit exposure to COVID-19 to collection crews
  • Set bulk, brush, leaf and yard waste curbside on your recycle day (limit 1 cubic yard, about the size of an office desk, per recycle day)
  • Cut and bundle limbs and brush into 50 pound bundles no longer than four feet
  • No grass clippings

For questions or additional information, contact Republic Services at 817-317-2000.

Thanks to the City of Arlington for providing this information.

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